It's never too late to learn, but what makes learning enjoyable and inspiring? From primary school resources and hands-on family activities in museums to adult basic skills we work with broadcasters, festivals, visitor attractions and museums to develop and evaluate learning projects.

Schools' Resources

We have extensive experience of working in schools, talking to teachers, pupils and parents to gain valuable insight into what inspires children to enjoy and ultimately learn more about the world around them, from reception, through KS1-4 and on to 6th form.

Family Learning

Some of the most effective learning takes place within the family context, whether at home or out at a museum or event. Hope-Stone Research talks to families about what works for them, how they learn together and how outside environments, as well as the online world, can create new understanding through play and enjoyment for both adults and children.

Adult Learning

Learning doesn't have to stop when you leave school. We have worked with broadcasters, museums and festivals to understand how learning can continue through compelling content broadcast, in galleries, online  as well as at public events and more formal voccational training.