International Media and Development

With over 20 years experience conducting international media research projects we are well placed to help you understand your audience. We manage audience measurement, programme development, evaluation and field training. 

Audience Measurement

We manage media measurement surveys in many countries for some of the world's leading international broadcasters including Voice of America, BBC and Radio Free Europe. We design questionnaires, samples, segment audiences, conduct and oversee fieldwork training, and provide detailed reports and client debriefs.

Programme Development

Hope-Stone Research conducts qualitative research for radio and TV programming aimed at audiences in developing countrires; from the integration of former child soliders in Burundi to human rights in Bangladesh and political dialogue talk shows for Pakistan Hope-Stone Research enables broadcasters to understand how new and existing programmes impact on their audiences around the globe.

Communication Strategy

Using a variety of techniques, from ethnograpy to national surveys we work to create understanding of how communications strategies can and do work in international environments; regional conflicts, government strategy, family planning and vaccination programmes, journalism training, environment, mobile banking are some of the topics covered in recent years across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.