Training and fieldwork oversight

Not all organisations have the resources to commission research on a regular basis, we can provide toolkits and training so you can conduct your own evaluation. We also offer a full consultancy service to help develop your projects and get the best from your teams.

Research Toolkits

We can provide a range of template tools, including question banks, sampling advice, data analysis methods and other 'off the shelf' products to enable you to run your own research programme.

Research Methods

Hope-Stone Research offers bespoke training to help clients understand research methodologies, how to commission the right research and ways of conducting and analysing research in-house.   

Fieldwork training and oversight

Hope-Stone Research offers fieldwork training in sampling methods and fieldwork management. We also provide quality control and field oversight in difficult to manage locations to ensure that clients receive the quality they expect from local contractors. Recent activity includes survey fieldwork training, quality control and and oversight in Afghanistan and Pakistan and running a qualitative training programme for researchers in East Africa.